Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cotton, carolers, trees and poinsettias, no tag.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

CHP All Blue Tropical

California Hand Prints, all over blue with bird of paradise flower border,
heavy weight cotton, sewn in tag.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Red White Floral Print

Heavy weight cotton, red white floral print, no tag, no ID.

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This is not strictly a Christmas  tablecloth which is why it isn't located in the holiday tablecloth database.

Shambro Style 424 Brown White Iris

 Shambro brown with white bearded iris, mint with paper label.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moda Reproduction "Chef's Suprise"

Moda Home reproduction of vintage style "Chef's Suprise", 100% cotton, sewn in tag and matching storage bag.

California Hand Prints Large Marigold Mums

California Hand Prints large Marigolds or maybe mums, sewn in tag.
Available in at least one additional colorway, two tone blue and brown leaves page 112 Terrific Tablecloths 40s and 50s.
Available in a least one additional colorway.

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CHP Candyland

California Hand Prints Candyland motif, heavy cotton, sewn in tag.
This is a very LARGE SIZE! This tabletop is 3' x 4 1/2' . It also has
two pullout leaves that can make it 3' x 6' , so I may try that too.
Also available in red/green colorway.

Orange Christmas Greenery Candles

Rayon, no tag, no ID.

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Copper Brass Metallic

Copper/brass metallic threads, no label, no ID.

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Dakota Table Linens - Fiesta Fabric

Made in the 90s, long ago discontinued.
Post 86 colors and vintage Fiesta colors.
Repeat on the plates is 12 1/2", repeat on mixed dinnerware is 25".  Colorway on selvage edge and manufacturer's name.  This fabric could be purchased as yard goods and ready made linens by Dakotah Table Linens.

Examples of ready made tablecloths.

Embroidered Linen

Fine linen with embroidery on each corner.

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Good Luck Topper

Light weight cotton topper, clover and good luck signs, no maker, no tags.

Rust and Green Leaves

Rayon, no tag, no ID.

Map of Germany

I lived in Germany for 9 years as a kid, so it was fun acquiring this unique tablecloth.
This was before re-unification, so Berlin is still an island in East Germany.

I spent most of my time living in and around Heidelberg, but the first few months of
1948 were spent living in Frankfurt when it was still a compound surrounded by barbed wire and guards.

Rayon, no tag, no ID.

This tablecloth will be featured in a future tablescape.

California Hand Prints - California State Map

 Arrow indicates the home of The Little Round Table.

California Hand Prints California Map by Margaret Newport for Bullock's Dept. Store Los Angeles,
no Disneyland and Hoover Dam is still called Boulder Dam. Sewn in tag, 100% cotton

CHP Fans and Flowers

Heavy cotton California Hand Prints Fans and Flowers, sewn in tag.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue White Stylized Block Floral

Read more about this tablecloth at:

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The vintage Fiesta® is easily identified in the image, with the flatware and chafing dish playing only a minor role in the overall image. And then there is the tablecloth. Since the discovery of the image in the Delineator article, there has been a great deal of speculation about this particular tablecloth among both collectors of vintage table linens and vintage Fiesta®. Locating an example of this tablecloth has taken me 15 years. Information about its maker and origin remains undocumented.

The tablecloth in my collection could be a knock-off or perhaps it is the original design that was adapted by another maker. Just as Fiesta® was created using the colorware of other potteries for inspiration, tablecloth makers commonly created their own versions of designs popularized by competing manufacturers. The design is not an exact match for the one in the Delineator. The main difference is the width of the outline border on the white blocks, which are narrow on the printed image, wider on the example in my collection. The tablecloth inDelineator appears to be 6 blocks in length by 4 blocks in width. Mine is 5 blocks long by 4 blocks wide. There are also minor variations in the configuration of the stylized leaves and flowers in the design. As far as the shade of blue, I always envisioned the cloth to be a darker blue than the one I have. Perhaps the blues are different or it may just be the lighting Margaret Bourke-White used for her photograph and/or the effects of time on the paper and inks in Delineator. My tablecloth is a high quality medium weight cotton blended with either silk or rayon. It drapes beautifully and the light catches its wonderful sheen.

August 5, 2012 UPDATE:
I've added an additional colorway to my collection in this close, but not quite the original pattern as seen in the photograph by Margaret Bourke White.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Green Yellow Fruit w/Ropes

Cotton, fruit with gold ropes green ground, no tag, no ID.

This tablecloth will appear in a future tablescape.